RE: Tape vs Glass auto-coverslippers

From:Sharon Osborn <>

Tape is plastic.  It has 'hills, valleys and sometimes mountains' over the
tissue or cells (in cytology) because it is so pliable.  It reflects such
that the microfocus is often 'fuzzy'.  Glass provides a FLAT surface with
minimal defraction (distraction) when in focus.  There are several good
glass coverslippers available on the market.  It really does make a
difference when screening. I always think if this is my smear, my tissue or
someone I know and love and what type of quality would I want for
microscopy--glass.  sharon osborn

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> Date: 3/19/01 9:43:47 AM
> Subject: Tape vs Glass auto-coverslippers
> We're looking at auto-coverslippers. Our cytologists say they hate the
> Anyone tried the Leica? Do you Like-a? (sorry, bad pun).
> Bruce

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