RE: Mixing of chemicals for disposal

From:Bert Dotson <>

I'll let others comment on the safety issues but in this country such a 
disposal system would be economically foolish. It almost always makes sense 
to recycle xylene. Depending on circumstances it may make sense to recycle 
ethanol and formaldehyde. If it doesn't, formalin can be neutralized 
cheaply and xylene and ethanol disposal is usually deeply discounted due to 
energy producing potential. Waste handlers are not likely to offer such 
discounts on uncertain mixtures.


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Fellow Histonetters.

In our Organisation, we tend to combine our waste solvents (Ethanol &
Xylene)with the formalin waste into one drum, and then send it away for
disposal. I have been informed that this is a "no, no" and that formalin
should be kept in it's own, as it can form an explosive mixture if combined
with the solvents.
True or false?

Mike Kirby
South Africa.

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