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From what I have heard, none of the glass coverslippers are as easy to use
as the tape coverslippers.  It really depends on what your needs are.  Tape
is easier to use but is very expensive, from what I've heard, and I
understand that the tape is still susceptible to "popping off" over time.
Plus, if you take photographs, glass is definitely superior.  However, if
ease of use is most important, tape may be for you.  If you decide to go
with glass we have a Leica and I recommend it.  We deal through Vashaw, and
their staff from sales to service is great.

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We are currently weighing the pros and cons of glass coverslipping versus
plastic.  Our pathologist are pushing for a glass coverslipper because of
problem with the plastic coverslips popping off of the slides over tiime.
was a problem 5-7 yrs. ago, but it seems to have cleared up, but they still
don't trust it.  Is there a glass coverslipper on the market that works will
with as little attention and maintenance as the plastic one?

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