First of all you cannot remove the GMA , you stain through it as it is water
permeable.  I use my water bath at room temp with no gelatine or anything,
pick up the sections onto charged + (silane coated) slides and then dry them
on a hot plate set at 65 dC for 10-20 minutes.
Patsy Ruegg

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		Hello Histonetters,

		Does anyone have a VERY descriptive protocol of
processing/embedding tissue
		(bones[mice] in particularly) in GMA(Technovit 8100)? The
technovit 8100 kit, 
		everything is done at 4 degrees Centigrade.  Also, after the
tissue is placed 
		on the slide, what do you do to get the plastic off of the
slide and dry it?  
		Also, do you need gelatin in the waterbath?  What
temperature should you put 
		the water bath? 

		Any help to these numerous questions would be greatly

		Thank you for your support,


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