RE: Endothelial Markers

I was wondering what you all are using for rat tissue stained for
endothelial markers, I tried some of the anti-human CD 31 and CD 34 but they
didn't work on rat tissue.
Patsy Ruegg

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		Both CD31 and CD34 work well in formalin fixed paraffin
embedded tissues.  I
		get my CD31 from DAKO clone JC/70A and my CD34 from
NovoCastro clone
		QBEnd/10.  I use HEIR - preheated DAKO Target Retrieval at
99C and then
		incubate my section in the preheated solution for 20 minutes
followed by
		immediate rinse in PBS.  CD31 needs tyramide amplification
to really get
		good intense staining.   If you need help please don't
hesitate to email me
		back.  Good luck

		Barb Wright

		Karen M Majahad wrote:

		> I am trying find some good human endothelial markers for
tissues that
		> are fixed in formalin and embedded in paraffin. I have
tryed Von
		> Willebrand Factor but it does not stain all the
endothelial cells. I was
		> wondering if anyone has tryed  markers for CD31, CD34, or
collagen type
		> IV. If anyone has had good luck please e-mail me the
manufacture of the
		> antibody and the procedure.

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