RE: Destain haematoxylin, not DAB

From:David Taylor Manager <DTMan@KINGMOWER.COM.AU>

Hi Tracey, just take the slide back to 0.5 or 1% acid alcohol and remove the
desired amount of Hx staining from the section and blue up in bicarb or
whatever, then dehydrate and mount. David.

David Taylor
Laboratory Manager
Drs King & Mower
Adelaide, Australia

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Subject: Destain haematoxylin, not DAB


A client wishes to remove haematoxylin from an immuno slide stained with
DAB.  She has left the slide in haematoxylin too long, and now the DAB is
extremely hard to see.  Is there any way we can remove the haematoxylin
without removing the DAB?

Tracey Gunn,
Histology Service Unit,
Otago University,

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