Mixing of chemicals for disposal - part II

From:Mike Kirby <mikek@mail.saimr.wits.ac.za>

Fellow Histonetters.

Thanks for all the advice regarding the mixing of chemicals for disposal,
but I think that Bob Richmond hit the nail on the head with his observation,
"the conflict between scientific and Management views".
From a safety point of view, it galls me that we have to mix the chemicals
for disposal, but I have Management breathing heavily over my shoulder and
whispering "Costs!" into my ear on a daily basis.
To dispose of one 210 litre drum of mixed liquid waste costs us in the
region of $500, and we dispose of +/- 5 drums every six weeks. To recycle
would be an excellent idea, and the amount we have spent on disposal over
the last few years would have paid for a recycler unit, but again,
Management screams "Capital outlay! - can't afford it! - end of story!"
As can be expected, I don't sleep to well at night.

Mike Kirby
South Africa.

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