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Well there's no Irish in me, but I gave my Labs(dogs) new green St.Patrick
toys for the holiday. They were enjoyed by all.

I have a question on this Hoof & Mouth......Since the disease is self
limiting, and since there is a vaccine aganist it, WHY haven't all these
animals been vaccinated?.....Why  destroy hundred of thousands of healthy
animals when vaccinations would have prevented this terrible thing in the
first place.....What are the government and owners thinking???

I don't understand, does anyone have an answer as to why they would choose
to destroy maybe millions of animals rather then vaccinate them so this
wouldn't happen?



Date: 19 Mar 2001 21:20:22 -0600
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Subject: Re: The Irish in me

Hello Connie,
         Yes the St Patricks Day Parades were cancelled in Ireland as a
precautionary measure to prevent the gathering of large crowds of people
just in case Foot & Mouth gets into this country.
           There have been no cases in the Republic of Ireland and only one
case in the North of Ireland and that was a sheep bought in from England.
All sheep that had been brought in from the UK were slaughtered as a
preventative measure. Since there have been no new cases  it is looking
better for this little island as a whole.
         It is a looking like an epidemic in the UK as a result of pigs
being fed swill from an Internartional  airline. It was in the UK  in 1967
but vigilance kept it out of here. Now the defences are up again and there
are checks in place at ports and borders to prevent movement of animals and
disinfection of wheels of vehicles etc.
          The Parade in Dublin is to go ahead at a later date.

Annette Ryan

At 11:52 AM 3/16/01 -0700, you wrote:

>I heard St. Patrick's day celebrations have been canceled in most parts
>of ireland due to the Hoof & Mouth outbreak.   If this is true, I'm so
>sorry to hear this.  I hope to brighten your day by wishing all Irish
>Histonetters a most pleasant and happy day, anyway!
>and to all the rest of you...  Let the party begin!! *G*
>Connie McManus (whose good Irish name comes by way of marriage)

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