IHC on kidney -Reply


I would avoid using a biotin system at all on kidney or other biotin rich
tissues. Make your life easier. For example, DAKO's Envision systems is
really good if you are using mouse or rabbit antibodies. Otherwise you
could directly HRP labeled secondaries or primaries.


>Date: 12 Mar 2001 15:32:21 -0600
>From: Tony Henwood <AnthonyH@chw.edu.au>
>Subject: IHC on kidney -Reply
>Beware kidney is rich in biotin, so blocking is probably a good idea. AND
>keep a careful eye on your negative controls.
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>>>> "Bennett, Catherine (Katie)" <cbennett@lrri.org> 13/March/2001
>04:46am >>>
>I have never done IHC staining on kidney tissue before and was
>wondering if
>an avidin/biotin blocking step is needed and/or useful.

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