Hacker Stainer/Coverslipper

From:Histo-Scientific Research Laboratories <histosci@shentel.net>

 Dear Netters,

 For all of you who are looking to purchase a stainer and/or coverslipper,
you would be doing yourself a disservice if you purchased either until you
have demo'd the Hacker stainer/coverslipper tandem!  They work fabulous
together.  After the nightmares I have witnessed with the Sakura tape
coverslipper I would not take one if it were given to me free.  We have a
Sakura stainer that works OK.  We have a Hacker/Meisei coverslipper (two of
them actually) and are very satisfied with both of the machines.  However,
the customer service is what sets Hacker apart from the rest.  We will be
purchasing a
Hacker stainer to replace the Sakura due the Hacker's durability,
dependability, and speed.  Just our two cents worth!

 -Tom Galati
 Histo-Scientific Research Labs.
 137 South Main Street
 Woodstock, VA  22664
 fax: (540)459-8217

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