vimentin control for fixation for immunos -Reply

From:Tony Henwood <>

The usual clone for IPX control is V9. The other clone I have used is 3B4.
This requires HIER for success, so as a test for fixation and processing I
would think its use to be limited. It is interesting to note the dramatic
difference in staining after using HIER prior to V9 IPXs. Lymphocyte
marking is especially enhanced.

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>>> "Hagerty, Marjorie A." <> 7/March/2001 12:19pm
When you run a vimentin on your patient slide to check fixation, do you
a specific clone? I heard quite awhile ago that it was a specific clone.
Those of you using vimentin as a test for immunoreactivity, what clone
you use? I assume (?) that you treat this slide identically to the other
slides on the case as far as antigen retrieval.

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