re: mouse embryos - frozen sections

From:John Lydon <>

we do a lot of mouse embryo's here at Curis (used to be Ontogeny).
Most of our tissues are fixed first, then placed in 30% sucrose for 1hr, 
then OCT for a few hrs. Embryo's are then frozen in OCT using a dry 
ice/acetone slush.
Sections look fantastic, up to e18 are no problem.

On ocassion, we must cut unfixed embryo's (e12.5). In this case, we 
freeze again in the dry ice/acetone slush insteadof LN2, and the box temp 
is raised to -16c (from -20c).
Sections are placed on PLUS slides.
We've had good success with this method also, but one thing we noticed 
for sagg. sections - orient the emryo vertically on the chuck so the tail 
is cut first, head last and it will cut better.

good luck,

Anybody have any tips on sectioning whole mouse embryos?  I'm embedding 
in OCT at -20 C and they are sectioning OK, but the sections don't stay 
together. They split and do not remain contiguous.  This isn't a knife 
problem, but probably results from the different densities of the various 
Could someone send me info on the tape transfer system?

John Lydon,

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