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Here's a message Vinnie has had trouble getting on the list.
Vinnie says:

<<<<I am forwarding this message on behalf of the Wedemyer Marketing Group

On behalf of all of the team at, we want to thank those 
members who have taken the time to complete the online survey. As you may 
know, a contribution is being made to the NSH for every completed survey.  A 
gift certificate is also being sent to each person who participates as well. 
So far, approximately 20% of the membership has responded. This means there 
is still an excellent opportunity for more people to participate.  

To add a little more enticement to participating, a drawing will be held 
during the week of March 16. A first place winner and two second place 
winners will be drawn from each "time zone".  The winners will receive a $100 
contribution to their education fund.  The second place winners will receive 
a "Pizza Party" for the histology laboratory.  Names will be drawn from those 
people who have completed the online survey.

You can see who the winners are by logging on to on 
Friday, March 16.

To participate in the survey, please go to: 
click on "Log IN:
user name = your first and last name, no spaces
password = NSH123
for any technical problems, PLS call 520-531-8370 >>>>>

Vinnie Della Speranza
Manager for Anatomic Pathology Services
Medical University of South Carolina
165 Ashley Avenue
Suite 309
Charleston, SC  29425
ph:  (843) 792-6353
fax: (843) 792-8974

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