TP1050 reagent changes


Hi Jennifer,
We have two TP1050 Leica processors. One is ~5 years old, the other is 2
years old.  We change the first 3 stations after every 350 blocks (2
formalins and a 70%) and we change all the solutions after every 700 blocks
(including the purges).  It takes 4-5 days to accumulate a block count of
700.  One of the three paraffins will get a "wax clean cycle" every day.  We
change a paraffin station after 15 cycles have been runwith it.  Each
paraffin is on a different schedule so we don't have to change all three on
any given day (Usually 1 a week).
Hope this helps!

Melissa Jans BS, HT(ASCP)
University of Iowa
Lead Scientist
Histology Lab

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