Re: trouble with bone marrows

From:Rena Fail <>

The process I described is for rushing 2-3 mm bm bxs and is for 1hr.20 
minutes. Definitely not the routine. A 5 hour processing time should not be 
a problem Too short a processing time, aggressive decalcification, or under 
decalcification  all effect the morphology.  A little patience when cutting 
is a must in order to obtain good 2 micron sections.

  The morphology and antigenicity of bone marrows are better preserved 
using a weak acid for decalcification. For many years we used acetic 
Zenker's (overnight) then tried some of the commercial decals, but they 
were way too harsh. Easy to cut, but results of IHC too variable to be 
reliable. Our lab manager suggested formic acid. I don't have the 
percentages or times here at home. I will ask Vinnie to pass that info on 
to you Mon.

Rena Fail AS,HT(ASCP)
Medical University of SC
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At 08:47 AM 3/4/01 -0500, you wrote:
>We have chronic problems with out bone marrows.  Would you mind terribly
>explaining how your process them?  Currently we put them in with our regular
>biopsies (gastric, prostate, colon,  ect.). It is a five hour run, but in the
>email that you answered on the histonet it sounded more like only one hour
>total processing time. Also, how long do you allow them to remain in decal?
>Any input would be greatly appreciated.
>Thank you
>Jennifer Macias, HT(ASCP)
>Forum Health-Western Reserve Care System
>Youngstown, Ohio

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