Re: thyroid tissue for HT exam


Our tech used thyroid from a local slaughterhouse (bovine).  Even some of the
larger laboratory species (i.e. rabbit, etc.) are not large enough to fulfill
that size requirement.  I am in Connecticut, so if you wnat to contact them, let
me know and I can get you the number.


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I know this is a long shot but the tech in the lab I work in is currently
doing her HT practical and needs thyroid that isn't autolysed.  We work in a
small hospital, not many thyroidectomies or posts, and everything we've come
up with isn't suitable.  We tried a neighboring hospital with no luck.  She
needs a 1.0x1.0 piece of thyroid asap as her slides have to be sent in next
Friday, March 16.  We're in MA and would be happy to pay shipping, etc.  If
anyone can help, please respond off net and we can figure out logistics.
I realize I'm asking the impossible!

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