Re: telepathology

Sheila, I work at the VA in Des Moines, Ia. Our pathology department is set 
up with telepathology to another VA in Iowa City. We have found it very hard 
to have good enough transmission quality for it to be helpful for frozen 
section consultation. Another thing to think about is that there must be a 
pathologist at the other end. We have had a problem with that also. Our third 
problem was that the company that hooked up the telepathology machine also 
gave only a one-day training on the thing. It is somewhat complicated and the 
information they give you (if you are not a computer wiz) is not 
comprehensive enough. Now if we want more training, we pay more. If 
telepathology is your only venue, I would suggest making sure you get 
adequate training. How my pathologist handles working solo is: when in doubt, 
defer to permanent sections. I hope you find this helpful.

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