Re: soaking blocks

From:Connie McManus <>


you soak your blocks for 10-15 MINUTES????  wow.  I work with vet stuff,
too and find that only the livers, spleens and sometimes kidneys (if
there is a lot of blood in them) are about the only tissues I soak.  And
I only soak for 10-30 SECONDS.  I try to minimize soaking, but for
bloody, friable tissues, it can't be helped.  

Connie M  

Renee Escalona wrote:
> I'll have to admit, soaking blocks over night on ice does seem a little excessive.   I work in a veterinary lab so of course all we do is process and cut animal tissue.  I would say that on average we let our blocks soak and chill for about 10-15 minutes.
> Renee Escalona, BS, HTL(ASCP)
> Diagnostic Laboratory Supervisor
> Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Lab
> College Station, TX


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