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I also worked in a lab  that recommended soaking overnite. We worked mainly
with  murine tissues and it turned out they were so overprocessed that I
usually did have to soak that long to get a decent section.Of course, I had
no control over the processing schedule, so I just had to make do.
One word of caution-neural tissues will swell out of the blocks if left
overnite,they may need only an hour or two on the ice.
Good luck!

Cindy Tily
auburn Univ
Coll of Vet Med
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Subject: soaking blocks

> I would like to get some input on the appropriate amount of time to
> soak/chill animal tissue before cutting it. In my experience, properly
> processed tissue takes a very short amount of time before it is ready to
> cut. The lab I am currently working for is recommending soaking blocks
> overnight on ice in a refrigerator. I have never heard of this and am
> concerned about tissue damage. Thanks for your help.
> Bly Haverland
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