Re: soaking blocks

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    The less you have to do to a block to get a section the better. Artifact
can be caused by too much of anything, so as a rule (self imposed) I try to
get a block to cut with no soaking at all. Usually I end up soaking them for
a few seconds in the float bath or a minute in ice water (depending on my
    The thing that concerns me here is the length of time they have you soak
the blocks. Overnight?? There is obviously something dreadfully wrong with
the processing schedule there. Also if the blocks aren't faced I have my
doubts about the effectiveness of the soaking like this at all. My advice:
look VERY closely at the processing schedule. You may find you can save a
lot of time by avoiding this step.
Amos Brooks

Rick Haverland wrote:

> I would like to get some input on the appropriate amount of time to
> soak/chill animal tissue before cutting it. In my experience, properly
> processed tissue takes a very short amount of time before it is ready to
> cut. The lab I am currently working for is recommending soaking blocks
> overnight on ice in a refrigerator. I have never heard of this and am
> concerned about tissue damage. Thanks for your help.
> Bly Haverland
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