Re: soaking blocks

From:Connie McManus <>

Have you been given a reason why you should soak blocks ON in icewater?  

I soak my blocks between 10 and 30 seconds in diluted fabric softener
OR, wetting my thumb in the waterbath and pressing it against the tissue
for 10-30 seconds.  I would find out why they want you to soak them for
so long as there may be a good reason for it. If not (i.e. if it's one
of those things handed down from tech to tech for generations on end and
the original reason for doing so has been lost in antiquity), soak them
(IF and ONLY IF it is necessary to do so) for a few seconds.   Of
course, if the pathologists who read these slides are used to seeing
distorted cells, you may never succeed in doing this in a shorter time
period! *g*

Just my 2 pennies worth...

Connie McManus

Rick Haverland wrote:
> I would like to get some input on the appropriate amount of time to
> soak/chill animal tissue before cutting it. In my experience, properly
> processed tissue takes a very short amount of time before it is ready to
> cut. The lab I am currently working for is recommending soaking blocks
> overnight on ice in a refrigerator. I have never heard of this and am
> concerned about tissue damage. Thanks for your help.
> Bly Haverland
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