Re: paraformal. and zinc formalin

From:Barry Rittman <>

are you sure that you mean paraformaldehyde and not formalin?
Which one you use depends on what you wish to finally accomplish in the way of IHC
etc. Would be best to use one or the other.
If you do fix in formalin solutions, the amount of time in the fixative is
generally not adequate for cause complete fixation. There is therefore no rationale
for not placing in formalin zinc following this initial fixation.

Dina Gaupp wrote:

> Hey histonetters,
> Can anyone out there in histoland tell me what is better paraformaldehyde or
> zinc formalin.  I've read a few books and my opinion is zinc formalin.  I would
> like the experts in histoland's opinion.  Does anyone know if you can fix your
> tissues in paraformaldehyde and process the tissue in zinc formalin?  I've
> asked the sales representatives this question and they had no clue????????????
> Paraformaldehyde is very expensive to process in a tissue process, plus its not
> stable unless at 4 degree Centigrade, which is impossible for tissue that will
> be embedded in paraffin.
> Any help would be appreciated,
> Dina D. Gaupp, MT
> Tulane Medical Center
> Center for Gene Therapy
> email:

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