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From:Vicki Gauch <>

 We do have on call histologists.  We have weekly rotations and carry a beeper which we share so that the OR,etc. only have one beeper number to remember.  We cover from Friday-Friday and are on call for processor malfunctions, frozen sections (if necessary), STAT special stains, OR issues,etc. .  We are compensated with a small amount of money for carrying the beeper but if we are called in we are paid for our time.  I believe the way it works currently is that we are paid for 3 hours if we are here less than one hour and a separate pay scale if we are here over an hour.  We have used this system for years now and it works very well. Every year we take the major holidays  and draw out of a hat (we have 6 on call people) to provide coverage for those days as well.  Hope this helps...

Have a great day :o)
Vicki Gauch
Albany Medical Center
Albany ,NY

>>> "Bliss, Mary E" <> 03/14/01 01:33PM >>>
Does anyone have on-call histologists?  If so, what are your guidelines &
salary for being on-call?  Do you carry beepers or phones?
This subject rears its ugly head every now and then, so we are just
wondering what the rest of the world is doing...
Thanks in advance-
Mary E. Bliss, Histologist
St. Joseph Hospital
Bellingham, Wa. 98225 <> 

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