Re: Soaking blocks

From:Connie McManus <>

> Inexperienced techs trying to cut serial sections on biopsy material >don't
> always notice that the first sections off of soaked blocks are a little
> thick. 

That's right.  You not only have to cut off the swollen tissue, but also
cut a ways into the block before taking your sections.  This is why I
soak for only a few seconds.  I don't get excessively swollen tissues.
it happens on occassion, and I deal with it. Since I don't work with
bxs, and serial sections, etc. I dont have as much concern about tissue
loss as some of you have.  However, our lab contributes to the AFIP
program and every summer, I'm given cases that require about 100
sections per block.  So, conservation of tissue becomes important as I
never know which block is going to be the lucky one. 

more food for thought.

Connie M.

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