Re:Reverse Processing

From:Gerard Spoelstra <>

My answer may offer some help in the right direction. The question needs to
be asked why would one reverse process. The only experience I had in this
is when we put some tissues through a rapid cycle; 0.5 hrs on all stations.
All the small biopsies came through ok. One skin biopsy 20x5x2mm had not
been properly dehydrated. I brought it back to Absolute alcohol and left it
O/N then took to back to parrafin and it cut fine. If you're reverse
processing because of insufficient dehydration, then I would say you only
need to take the tissue back to absolute alcohol. But it would'nt be too
hard to develop your own protocol.
At 11:15 AM 27/02/01 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi everyone
>Our Histo Dept is working on SOP's. They are wondering if anyone out there
>has a standardized method or general guideline for reverse processing.
>Rosalind Lane
>Clinical Instructor
>University of Alberta Hospital


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