Re: PAP pens

From:Kimberly Carter <>

  I use a special barrier slide made by Biogenex. I am not sure about the
availability in the UK. The slides are expensive, but there is never an
issue with  these slides. Biogenex is the company where we bought our
immuno stainer. That is how I became aware of the slides.

Kim Carter
Ohio State University
Comprehensive Cancer Center
Columbus, Ohio
Mark Hammond wrote:

> Dear all (esp in the UK),
> I am interested in other peoples' methods of "ringing" sections for
> immunocytochemistry.  Since the demise of the Dako PAP pens, we are
> experiencing problems with other such pens, particularly when the nibs
> get wet (NB: the slides in question are frozen sections stored at -70oC
> and are difficult to mark).  Any info or remarks would be gladly
> received.
> Mark

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