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Connie McManus wrote:

> Greetings!
> Does anyone know another name for Methylene Blue eosinate?
> I ran across an old, old, OLD, ANCIENT procedure for Giemsa using a
> number of dyes (I believe it is probably the formulation of Giemsa
> dye).  One of the dyes is Methylene Blue eosinate.  This is not the same
> as Methylene Blue Choride (CI 52015), which is one of the other dyes
> used. I've looked in the Merck Index, sigma, Aldrich and  the Harleco'
> Synonym Cross Referenc for Biological Stains.  I don't have Cohn's
> handbook and have been trying to locate one.
> Thanks
> Connie McManus

    There is (was) an eosin+methylene blue method of Mallory in which a
sequence of eosin (or pholxine B) was followed by alkaline methylene blue.
Lillie's azure-esoinate method(s) are refinments of this method. Colors are
similar to H&E I think. Check Lillie's book for more info.

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