Re: LCM and lung tissue

Hi----My experience with lasar capture and RNA is that you are going to have to
capture about 150,000 pulses to get a total RNA concentration of 4 micrograms.
If you are looking specifically for mRNA it will be a MUCH larger number of
pulses since mRNA is about 2% of total RNA.

Christine Klein, BSMT(ASCP)
MD ANderson Cancer Center
Houston, TX>

Renee Hoyle-Thacker <> on 03/01/2001 02:21:38 PM

cc:    (bcc: Christine Klein/MDACC)

Subject:  LCM and lung tissue

Is anyone using LCM (laser capture micro dissection) on normal lung
tissue.  We are having trouble getting enough RNA from the sections and
would appreciate any advice.  We are using 5 micron frozen sections
(unfixed tissue) that have been H&E stained.


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