Re: Hematoxylin Crystals?

From:Connie McManus <>

I use powdered Hematoxylin for every hematox. solution I make, including
Ehrlichs.   What i do with the powdered stuff is grind it using a mortar
and pestal with a very small amount of the DI water in the formula
before mixing with water.  This works very well for me.

Connie McManus 

"Bobst, John" wrote:
> Does anyone know of a recipe for Ehlich's hematoxylin that does not call for
> hematoxylin crystals?  I have been told by our Biochemistry Stores that in
> would be hard fought to find hematoxylin crystals any more because they only
> make powder.
> Sincerely,
> John A. Bobst
> University of Iowa
> Bone Healing Research Laboratory
> Iowa City, Iowa
> (319) 335-4377


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