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The $90 is per institution, not per person. So one hospital or lab can have
as many people listening to the teleconference as they wish. This brings
down the
cost considerably less for a one hour CE than sending your techs to a state
national meeting.

Some hospitals/labs invite other techs from other hospitals to attend. We've
done that at our hospital, when I know there is something that will be of
benefit to another tech in another hospital, such as a tech learning OJT who
needs help on their registry, or a new supervisor, or a new program director
of a histology school. I've heard of one area where the hospitals took turns
paying for some of the teleconferences and hosting them and inviting the
techs from the participating hospitals. That's been some time ago, and
labs may be too busy to send techs once a month to another hospital.

I know for Vinnie's teleconference in January about hiring the right person,
I let the med techs and cytotechs at our hospital know about it. We even
had a new MT supervisor attend.

As for the survey in Lab Medicine, it surveyed MT, MLT, PBT, CT,
HT and HTL, as well as supervisors in MT, HT/HTL and CT.

It did NOT survey specialists in Blood Bankings, Microbiology,
Lab Safety, etc. It did NOT survey Qualifications such as IHC. It
did NOT survey Diplomates.

It was a survey about the base positions - technicians, technologists and

2500 surveys were sent out. 549 (23.76%) were returned. Of these,
only 40% (220) had HT positions, 24% (132) had HTL positions, and
28% (154) had HT/HTL supervisors.

Divide these numbers into 6 different regions of the country. Have some
areas of the county have 4 states, while other regions have 14 (usually
little states, such as in the north east, or states with lower population
rates such as Alaska or Idaho). So the return rate per each regions
was between 27-60 HT surveys, 10-51 HTL surveys, and 23-52 HT/HTL supervisor

So you can see why the ASCP BOR did not ask any questions about QIHC.
There would have been too few returns, which statistically could not
be reported.

Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)
William Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, MI 48073

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> When I checked out the price, I found it costs $90 to take this course.
> $90 for 1 contact hour?  I hope I'm wrong.  It seems like keeping this
> QIHC qualification is a bit pricey.  One has to wonder if it is worth
> it.  The last salary survey in LabMedicine didn't include a category for
> histotechs with this qualification.  In my own experience, I have found
> this qualification helps in getting a job, but it really doesn't
> translate that well into pay raises.  Anyone else want to comment/share?
> Thanks,
> Margaret
> Peggy Wenk wrote:
> >
> > NSH has a teleconference in Dec. 19, 2001 on IHC. That's 1 CE. Contact
NSH at 301-262-6221, or go to their web page at, click on
> >
> > "Troubleshooting Pre-Treatment Mechanisms for Immunohistochemistry"
> > Proper pre-treatment of specimens is important to ensure optimal
conditions for immunohistochemistry staining. This teleconference will
discuss proper fixation processing, sectioning, drying, digestions, HIER and
control slides as well as troubleshooting methods to determine if the
"staining" problem is actually due to a pre-treatment method.
> >    Presenter: Jaime Koob, HTL(ASCP)
> >    Mount Carmel Medical Center
> >    Columbus, Ohio
> >
> > Hope that helps.
> >
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> >
> > >>> <> 03/08/01 11:41AM >>>
> > This person lives in Washington State and is looking for CEU
> > to fill her Q!HC requirments.  Please let her know about any meetings
> > up.
> > Patsy Ruegg
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> > I am looking for good CEU credits for my IHC certification.  I feel that
> > this
> > an area that is missing when 30 hours of CEU credits are required to
> > the
> > certification.  I am unable to go to out of state meetings and am having
> > hard time finding the resources.                 Thank you
> >                               Michele Thorson

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