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I believe you need to make an extract, either directly or by lightly wetting the
substrate and then doing a touch prep from the substrate onto a glass slide.
From there you can do the "christmas tree stain" which will demonstrate
spermatozoa but is not conclusive for spermatozoa. I do not recall the recipe
for it has been a number of years since I have done.
I suggest you contact Dr. Lawrence Kobilinsky.  He is the associate provost at
the city university of new york, John jay college of criminal justice and an
experiment in forensic biology. wrote:

> To all,
> The problem we have in the forensic field is that nothing is constant, we
> work with stains from clothes and slides made from the vagina ect.
> These stains are not fresh(mostly more than 3 days old) and therefore very
> vonurable for extern invirement.
> Some even have alot of yeast cells(like from the anus), and if sperm loses
> there tail, it is some times difficult to differntiate between spermcells
> and yeastcells.
> It is very important to diagnose if there is sperm or not(in a court of law)
> On the other hand the stain canot take to long, since we have alot of these
> cases(daily) and we can't spend much time on a case.
> We are testing acridine orange stains at the moment but I can't get
> satisfactorry results, I searched for relevant articels and book in the
> forensic field but can't find nothing.
> Hoping you can give me an advise,
> Sincerly Yours,
> Brinkenberg MNA

Luis Chiriboga Ph.D, H.T. (ASCP) QIHC
New York University School of Medicine
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