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We are on call only on long holiday weekends....3 days or more.    We are
paid call pay $2.00 @ hour  from 6:00 pm friday (it's usually a friday, or
the first day of the holiday, ie...wednesday for thanksgiving) until 6:00 pm
the last day of the holiday.    We get paid time and a half if called in.
We carry beepers so we do not have to sit at home.     

On other weekends (we do not work saturdays) it's on a volunteer basis.
If no one can work.......then no one can work and it just has to wait.
But, usually one of us (there are 3) can and does come in.    ( this does
not happen often)

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> Hello!
> Does anyone have on-call histologists?  If so, what are your guidelines &
> salary for being on-call?  Do you carry beepers or phones?
> This subject rears its ugly head every now and then, so we are just
> wondering what the rest of the world is doing...
> Thanks in advance-
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