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Connie, you must not have seen my post that methylene blue eosinate would 
be a relatively appropriate name for the stain currently called Jenner's 
Stain. It is commonly used in Giemsa variations. It is a salt of the 
methylene blue cation and the eosin Y anion. The term "eosinate" may be a 
little suspect but makes sense in this context.


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I have come to the conclusion that my old procedure is probably just a
Giemsa stain (we're staining for protozoan parasites), so that's what
I'm going to do.  To date, no one has been able to tell me just what
methylene blue eosinate is, so I'm assuming it is such an ancient dye
that it hasn't been produced in 90 years OR it has a completely
different name and isn't traced back to this older usage.  At any rate,
this has been a real puzzler and I thank you all for trying your
collective best to help me.

Connie M

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