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Methylene Blue eosinate should be Jenner's Stain. A salt of the Methylene Blue cation and Eosin Y anion.


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Does anyone know another name for Methylene Blue eosinate? 
I ran across an old, old, OLD, ANCIENT procedure for Giemsa using a
number of dyes (I believe it is probably the formulation of Giemsa
dye).  One of the dyes is Methylene Blue eosinate.  This is not the same
as Methylene Blue Choride (CI 52015), which is one of the other dyes
used. I've looked in the Merck Index, sigma, Aldrich and  the Harleco'
Synonym Cross Referenc for Biological Stains.  I don't have Cohn's
handbook and have been trying to locate one. 


Connie McManus

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