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The following is from a text called 'Medical Laboratory Technology', editors
Matthew Lynch, Stanley Raphael, Leslie Mellor, Peter Spare, Peter Hills and
Martin Inwood. Publisher WB Saunders 1963.

Sliding microtomes were developed in 1798 by Adams.

The rotary microtome was invented by Minot in 1885-86 and independantly by
Pfeiffer (a mechanic at Johns Hopkins) in 1886.

The rocking microtome was invented by Caldwell and Trefall in 1881 and
improved upon by the son of Charles Darwin in 1885.

The freezing microtome was initiated by Queckett in 1848.

The major references given are:
Clayden EC. Practical section cutting and staining. J & A Churchill, Ltd.,
London 1948.
Gatenby JB and Beams HW. The microtomist's Vade-Mecum (Bolles Lee). 11th ed.
J & A Churchill, Ltd., London 1950.
Roy Ellis

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