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Not sure about the cryostat but the microtome was invented by Wilhelm His
(b. July 9, 1831, Basel, Switz.
d. May 1, 1904, Leipzig, Ger.).  He was a Swiss-born German anatomist,
embryologist who created the science of histogenesis, or the study of the
embryonic origins of different types of animal tissue.  His discovery (1886)
that each nerve fiber stems from a single nerve cell was essential to the
development of the neuron theory, which states that the neuron, or nerve
cell, is the basic unit of the nervous system.

A student of Johannes M#252#ller at the University of Berlin and of Rudolf
Virchow at the University of W#252#rzburg, His taught at the universities of
Basel (1857-72) and Leipzig (1872-1904), where he founded an institute of
anatomy. In 1865 His invented the microtome, a mechanical device used to
slice thin tissue sections for microscopic examination. He was the author of
Anatomie menschlicher Embryonen, 3 vol. (1880-85; "Human Embryonic
Anatomy"), considered the first accurate and exhaustive study of the
development of the human embryo.


James E. Staruk, HT(ASCP)
Mass Histology Service

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>I've been asked to give a presentation and should, but don't, know
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>whom the microtome and the cryostat were invented. Any help appreciated.
>Thanks, Marge

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