RE: H. Plylori

From:Kari Dalziel <>

We use Novocastra's H.Pylori antibody on our Ventana immuno Stainer.  We 
have been using this method for the last year. Reimburesment is nearly 
double and the organisms jump out at you, we love it!  The Genta stain is 
beautiful but extremely labor intensive.  Hope this helps.
Kari Dalziel
Lower Columbia Pathologists
Longview, Wa

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Subject:	H. Plylori

Hi I'm wondering if anybody is using an antibody for the detection of
H.Pylori. Iwould like information on the Genta Stain for H.plyori. We are
trying to get away from the Acridine Orange Fluorescent stain for H. 

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