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Okay, I have checked things again and my setting appear correct. Please let
me know. I do not know why this keeps occurring. Possibly because I share
this computer with others?

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Your email message has been blocked because the Histonet server has
an enclosure in your message. Please read the instructions below to correct
this and then try again to post your message.

"Enclosures" are the same as "attachments" or "attached files" and there are
number of ways that they may be present in your email message:

First:  Check your email program. Some like Netscape Messenger and Microsoft
Outlook Express and other 
programs automatically attach little enclosures to email messages. These
are supposed to authenticate that the message was really sent by whoever put
their name on it. A security feature, but an unnecessary one. You should be
able to delete this.

Microsoft Outlook is set up to send email as an attachment unless the
are changed. 
To fix the problem on Microsoft Outlook express:
1) go into address book.
2) select histonet and click right hand button of mouse.
3) select properties.
4)at the base of this screen, there is a tick box that needs to be ticked,
reads "send E-Mail using plain text only."
Some other email systems require similar changes.

Other ideas to check:
1. You might have put enclosures in your mail by attaching a picture or text
file using a menu choice like "Insert file".
2. There might be graphics in your email template, either in the page
design or signature, avoid using any html encoding options.
3. If you are sending using a web browser you may be sending
embedded files without knowing it.
4. If you are sending via a word processor, the output may well be
bundled as a simple (just header and signature) email with the word
processor document file attached to it.

There are good reasons why attached files should not go over the
histonet: they can be very large and word processor files can transmit
macro viruses, to name but two. We've actually blown out servers all over by
having a large attachment go out over the net!

Good luck!

If you have problems which you cannot solve please contact
Linda Margraf, Histonet administrator at
Thank you.

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