PFA perfusion

From:V#233#ronique Wunderle <>

Dear all,
we are intracardially perfusing our mice with 4%PFA
before dissecting out organs such as brain and bone
So here is my questions : 
do you use a standard volume of PFA (ex 30ml) to get
reproducible conditions ? 
I was just wondering if the volume of PFA perfused
would infuence the subsequent time of post-fixation of
the tissues after dissection. As I want to do
beta-galactosidase staining on frozen sections, I am
worried about over-fixation and decrease of staining.
Can anybody give me some exemples of fixation
conditions of various tissues prior
immuno-histochemistry or B-gal staining on frozen
sections ?
thanks in advance for your help.

Veronique M. Wunderle, PhD
Responsable du reseau Nucleis
tel (0)2 41 35 56 82
fax (0)2 41 35 41 38

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