MIME information

From:Mike Bromley <MBromley@picr.man.ac.uk>

Hi everyone

About a month ago I asked if anything could be done about the MIME
information attached to certain peoples e-mails. There was a discussion at
the time about attachments and viruses and  because of the technical nature
of some of the answers I was not sure whether MIME information was
addressed. I should have pursued this at the time, however other things got
in the way, anyway better late than never .

The Histonet seems to be running well and thanks are due to everyone
concerned, however for me the thing that spoils the list at the moment is
the MIME information that triples the length of certain peoples e-mails.

Apologies in advance to everyone if this has been dealt with or if the
reasons are known to everyone but me.

Keep up the good work 

Mike Bromley

Histology Department
Paterson Institute
Wilmslow Road
M20 9BX

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