IHC slide storage issues


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Yes please post my question.
I am interested in knowing 2 things:
1.	Is there any regulation under CLIA or some other body that specifies
how long you must keep stained IHC slides/images?
2.	How long do the IHC stained slide needs to be stable for?

	Thank you,

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For IF, we take pictures and store the image as the slides fade anyway, as
far as DAB substrate we keep the slides forever as they do not fade, I will
post your question to the histonet for feedback if you like.
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I was wondering if you could direct to me a source of
information that can
tell me how long a laboratory is required to store IHC slides?
I thought there were minimums stability requirements after a
slide has been
through the IHC procedure.  Is there a different minimum
requirement for
colorimetric IHC vs. immunoflourescence?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
				Thank you,
				Dawn McHugh
				Marketing Manager, BDGene

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