H & E of Decalcified bone samples

From:"Steven E. Slap" <siksik@vgernet.net>

Hi HistoNetters!

David Kinsley raised an issue about the effects of long exposure of bones
to acid decalcifying solutions on staining properties, mentioning
specifically that the use of weaker decalcifying agents, like EDTA, were
not an option for him because of the time they took.  This is a perfect
application for a microwave decalcification protocol, either with EDTA or
with a weak acid, which can decrease decalcification times substantially,
with no negative effects on staining quality.

Disclaimer:  My employer, Hacker Instruments, represents the Milestone T/T
mega Microwave Labstation which can be used for this application.

Best regards,
Steven Slap

Steven E. Slap
Marketing Manager & Microwave Product Specialist
Hacker Industries & Instruments

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