Fixation for TRAP (Hermina Borgerink)

To all of you who requested and received my TRAP protocol, please
note:   it is quite possible that demineralization with an acid, e.g.
formic acid, may impact on the ability of the osteoclasts to stain.  I
have never used TRAP on anything bur EDTA demineralized  and/or MMA
embedded bone, and my results have always been excellent and very
consistent.  It had not occurred to me that this might be a possibility
until someone tried it on formic acid decalled bone and could not get
the procedure to work.  My apologies to all of you who tried it on acid
decalled bone and were not successful.  I will be sure to make a note on
the protocol that EDTA demineralization may be a requirement in order to
make this procedure work.



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