DAB removal

From:mike king <making@nersp.nerdc.ufl.edu>

Luis Chiriboga <Luis.Chiriboga@med.nyu.edu> asked how one might
" remove prior substrate (DAB) signal from a
slide?  How successful is everyone in re-staining (IHC) previously
biologically stained slides?"

DAB can be removed by incubating in weak (<=1%) bleach.  Run a test slide
and check continuously in a microscope to get a handle on how long it will
take for your prep.  You may not want to remove it entirely but only
lighten it enough to see some other label.  Subsequent immunostaining
success will depend on the tissue, antigen, and antibody, you'll just have
to try it and recognize that you may have to adjust your procedure.
Contact me directly if you need more detail, good luck

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