Basic blue 141


Basic blue 141 is a relatively new dye of undisclosed chemical 
composition and hence no C. I. number has been assigned to it.  Color 
is greenish-blue.

I was unable to locate it in any source for biological dyes, nor did 
several textile dye vendors carry it.  It is not represented in 
Anatech's extensive reference collection of dyes (which are available 
in sample quantities without charge to anyone with serious interest).

Basic blue 141 is in the oxazin (or oxazine) family, which also 
includes brilliant cresyl blue (C. I. 51010), orcein, gallocyanin (C. 
I. 51030), Celestine blue (C. I. 51050) and cresyl violet acetate. 
Dyes in this family range from fairly simple structures to quite 
large and complex, so I am unable to suggest a possible substitute 
without knowing the nature of basic blue 141.


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