From:"Klassen, Shannon SDH" <>

Help  I need a method for phosphofructokinase for frozen muscle tissue - my
method isn't working well and the reference is very old and I don't have
access to it. 
Or  is there a enzyme genius out there who can help me?
	Stain done on freshly cut frozen sections - no fixation - go
straight into incubation media for 1 hour @ 37C.  Rinse thru 30% and 60%
acetone and then distilled water.  Everything appears good up to this point.
Then dehydrate thru alcohols and xylene - this is where the reaction fades
to almost nothing.  Should I just leave them in water and mount with an
aqueous mount??????  I don't really want to play around with the stain too
much as the chemicals can be a little pricey.  
Thanks for the help in advance.  Shannon

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