freezing muscle in liquid propane

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From:Sue Danielson <>
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Hello histonetters,

We would like to give it a go and try to freeze some of our larger muscle
specimens in liquid propane (as opposed to our normal technique using

Having no prior experience with propane (except on the BBQ grill), I am
wondering what others have experienced when using this technique.
Particularly, what is the best way to get the propane out of the tank and
into our cup without it flashing to the gas phase immediately.  I believe
this stuff is at a pretty high psi.  Basically, I have the tank, some
stainless steel tubing, a manual control valve but no phase separator.  Hmmm...

Any suggestions/past experiences shared are appreciated!


Susan Danielson, MS
Neuromuscular Lab Coordinator
Medical College of Wisconsin
ph:  414.259.3836
fax: 414.454.7905

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