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From:Louri Caldwell <>
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The lab I work in is currently undergoing changes and I would be interested 
in how other labs handle their workload.  I would greatly appreciate if you 
would take the time to answer the following questions:

1. How many pathologists do you have?
2. How many technicians do you have?
3. How many surgical cases do you do a year?
4. How many cytology (non-gyn) do you do a year?
5. How many frozen sections do you do in an average day?
6. How many special stains and immunos do you do?
7. What are the hours your technicians work?
8. What are the time requirements for work to be completed?
9. How is your workload divided among the technicians/pathologists?
10. Do you work in a medical/veterinary, diagnostic/research setting?

I'll post a summary of replies to the histonet.  Thank you again for your 

Louri Caldwell
St. Mary's Hospital
Athens, Georgia
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