Ulex europaeus Agglutinin 1

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From:"Thomas J. Kuwahara" <tom@adpath.com>
To:HistoNet Server <HistoNet@Pathology.swmed.edu>
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Dear Histonetters:  Does anyone out there know if there are
better/stronger/different versions of Ulex out there?  Do lectins which
bind specifically to defined sugar proteins vary in purity/specificity
as much as say different antibody clones would?  Any input would be

Regards, Tom

Thomas J. Kuwahara - Senior Immunohistochemist
Resolution Sciences Corporation - http:www.resolve3d.com
3801 Sacramento St., Suite 621, San Francisco, CA  94118
T: 415/750-6800, ext23067 F: 415/750-2332  E: tom@resolve3d.com

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