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Hi everyone

As someone who has expressed concerns re this machine in the past over the
histonet, I feel I must add to the current debate again.

Firstly I completely agree, the initial point of call should be the "vendor"
when there are problems. Most good companies will respond quickly and work
with you the users to put matters right.

However, there is sometimes a feeling of helplessness when matters cannot be
solved quickly. There was at the time of our problems, various stories going
round about this machine, and I used the histonet to seek confirmation of
them. Like much of life, there was a lot of heresay and embelishment, and
whilst there were some problems they were not as fundemental or as common as
I first thought. 

The response from the company following these on air discusions, was for a
high level visit, and much work on our machine, which has resolved most of
the problems. We maintain good reagent mangement and servicing schedules,
and although there is still the odd bad day ( a feature of all enclosed
processors I imagine), generally we are happy.

That makes at least two of us!!!


Hedley Glencross
Princess Royal Hospital
Haywards Heath  UK

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